InnoGrowth-European Association for Innovation and Growth

is a Bulgarian registered non-profit association.
InnoGrowth operate as an innovation agency and strives to develop integrated support services in the fields of innovation, eco-sustainability, knowledge and technology transfer and training.

Aris – professional training and research

was founded in 1987 with the aim of delivering and design integrated project in the field of professional training, advanced research and counselling.
Main areas of expertise are:
– VET, coaching and  …

The Universitat Jaume I (UJI)

was established in 1991 to provide a unified identity to university faculties and schools operating in the area of Castellon. The service-orienteers of UJI enables students and lecturers to participate in a myriad of joint activities with society’s members.

Sofia Municipality (Bulgaria)

Sofia is the 14th largest city in Europe with a population of 1.4+ mln. people (2020). It’s the capital and the biggest economical, political, tech, administrative, cultural and educational centre in Bulgaria, concentrating ≈40% of Bulgaria’s GDP, 50% of FDI, 19% of the country’s population and 20% of the workforce.

Lights (Latvia)

LIGHTS is small and medium sized innovative social enterprise established in 2019 with the aim to improve the lives of seniors on different levels and contribute to silver economy of European Union. Mission of the company is to develop innovative projects which will provide alternative solutions to standardized social care for people who have reached retirement age, as well as to their rehabilitation and SPA services. Motto of the “LIGHTS” enterprise is:Our seniors deserve the best!”

Medardas Cobotas University of the Third Age (Lithuania)

Medardas Cobotas University of the Third Age (further MCTAU) was founded in 1995 in Vilnius, Lithuania. It is a non-governmental organization, the activity of which ensures a better social integration of seniors into society, promotes their effective, productive and purposeful life and supports their working capacity as well as their physical activity and mental health.